At Lowie Recruitment, we believe that safer staff create safer workplaces. Following this ethos, we ensure Health and Safety is at the forefront of every aspect of our business. We pride ourselves on working with our clients on injury prevention strategies and providing the right training and personal protective equipment our candidates need.

Lowie strives to build relationships with our clients so that we can have open discussions about Health and Safety as well as working together to achieve a high level of safety culture in the workplace. We work together to share knowledge across the business and wider networks.

By providing our staff with the right training and client inductions, we believe that they are in an excellent position to work safely on our client sites.

Our Internal Healthy and Safety group consists of highly skilled and qualified professionals who have a passion for H&S. The team works on ensuring our H&S procedures, policies and documentation remain current and in line with legislation and the constantly evolving industry best practices.

All of this culminates in Lowie Recruitments 2016 Attainment of our industry recognised ACC WSMP Accreditation.

Our Approach to Safety

Our temporary employees’ safety and well-being is of paramount importance to Lowie Recruitment.

We take every opportunity practicable to communicate and ensure that our employees understand our policy, their rights and the responsibilities to ultimately ensure a safe working environment for all.

All appropriate candidates undertake induction and safety training prior to their first assignment. Lowie Recruitment’s induction and safety training comprises the following elements:

1. Workplace Inspection
Prior to the placement of agency labour staff at client sites, Lowie Recruitment conducts a workplace Inspection using a comprehensive workplace inspection questionnaire. Each suitable candidate is briefed on the health and safety procedure and processes of the client site.

2. Temporary Employment Agreement
The temporary employment agreement, supplied to all candidates who register with Lowie Recruitment, clearly outlines both Lowie Recruitment’s and the candidate’s responsibilities in relation to Safety. All Consultants confirm the candidate has read and understood the information relating to Safety and record this in our management information system. (FastTrack)

3. Pre-employment Health Records
As part of Lowie Recruitment’s duty of care, each Lowie Recruitment employee is required to complete a pre-employment health record. This record aims to determine any injuries that may inhibit the performance and safety of the employee.

4. General and Safety Induction – WorkPro
All appropriate candidates are given an Induction Kit prior to their first assignment. Consultants induct new temporary employees using this Induction Kit which includes:
General Induction

  • Responsibilities of being a Lowie Recruitment temporary employee
  • Timesheets and payroll requirements
  • Summary of our EEO and OH&S Policies
  • Information on the nature of work
  • Employment hints

Candidates also sign:

  • Individual Employment Agreements
  • Confidentiality requirements

Safety Induction-WorkPro
Lowie Recruitment has also introduced WorkPro, an online induction program available via This online induction training program focuses on Safety and EEO and includes a post training test, with a hurdle score for successful completion to ensure and record that the candidates have completed the training. Candidate assessment scores are permanently stored in a central and secure database. For candidates, this means their induction results are portable from agency to agency and industry to industry, reducing the time and effort required to complete standard inductions. A certificate of completion is also generated for the candidate.

5. Site-specific Induction
Prior to the placement of an employee with a client, the Lowie Recruitment Account team would consult with the client about the workplace and the requirement for a site-specific Safety induction.
Where required, each employee completes the site specific induction. This can be done on the first day prior to starting work or at Lowie Recruitment’s local office depending on the type and format of the induction. For many clients, Lowie Recruitment has implemented client-specific inductions online enabling employees to complete them prior to commencing their assignment. Upon completion of the client-specific induction, a computer generated certificate is produced.

6. Stay Safe Talks
Where agreed to by the client, Lowie Recruitment conducts Stay Safe Talks with our temporary employees on site at client premises. Stay Safe Talks are organised to address issues that are identified by the client and at the request of the client.
Stay Safe Talks comprise a safety agenda and include, as a minimum, the following elements:

  • Safety incidents for the month
  • Discussion of RED FLAG issues
  • Site performance
  • Forecasting upcoming activity