Lowie and Santa

Lowie Recruitment is the largest supplier of Santas in New Zealand and has been for many years. In joining our team, you become part of the magic of Christmas knowing you are backed by years of experience. From Whangarei to Invercargill, you will find our wonderful Santas.

Hire a Santa

If you are seeking a wonderful Santa for a mall, your Christmas function, or even to unwrap the presents with your children then you have come to the right place.

This year, one of our clients is introducing ‘Sensory Santa’, where Santa will be available outside mall hours to deal with children who are sensitive to the noise and bright lights when malls are open. We are very excited about this new innovation.

Whether you are after a Santa who is ‘larger than life’ or more restrained, we have the Santa for you. Make the call to Kylee and she can talk with you to see how we can best help your Santa experience the best ever for your customers, clients and/or staff.

Our costumes are professionally made and our Santas are supplied with new wigs and beards every year.

Become a Santa

This really is the best job you will ever have. Our Santas keep coming back every year because they absolutely love what they do. Children want to believe you are Santa and will tell you the darndest things!

The most amazing thing about being Santa is every one trusts you with no questions asked. Many of our Santas have held very tiny babies, just days old. A total stranger is holding their precious baby, but that stranger is Santa Claus.

Our Santas are part of a wonderful, supportive team headed by Lowie’s Santa Helper, Kylee. Kylee works with our wonderful Santas, nothing is too much trouble and she is there to make sure everything runs smoothly. Come and be part of this amazing team!

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