We provide recruitment and business solutions for some of the biggest and fastest growing blue-chip companies in New Zealand. Our services include Temporary Recruitment, Permanent Recruitment, Modular Recruitment, Health and Safety, HR Services, Team Coaching and Tailored Business Solutions.

Our level of understanding goes beyond knowledge, experience and expertise. Our team of consultants pride themselves on being genuine, approachable and down-to-earth; focused on making our partners feel comfortable and confident every time they work with us. We consistently celebrate repeat-business success and many of our clients have been valued customers for over ten years.

At Lowie, we are committed to contributing to everyone that touches our business.  Our Lowie Team of experts have a direct impact in the lives of people every day.  We consider diversity as an important part of our business and have cast our net wide to have the difference we are committed to making.

Lowie Santa

Lowie is the leading supplier of Santas and has been for many years. In joining our team, you become part of the magic of Christmas knowing you are backed by years of experience.

If you are seeking a wonderful Lowie Santa for a mall, your Christmas function, or even to unwrap the presents with your children then you have come to the right place.

This year, one of our clients is introducing ‘Sensory Santa’, where Santa will be available outside mall hours to deal with children who are sensitive to the noise and bright lights when malls are open. We are very excited about this new initiative.

Whether you are after a Lowie Santa who is ‘larger than life’ or more restrained, we have the Lowie Santa for you. Make the call to Lowie to see how we can best help your Lowie Santa experience be the best for your customers, clients and/or staff.

Our costumes are professionally made and our Lowie Santas are supplied with new wigs and beards every year.

This really is the best experience you will ever have. Our Lowie Santas keep coming back every year because they absolutely love what they do. Children want to believe you are Santa and will tell you the darndest things!

The most amazing thing about being a Lowie Santa is that everyone trusts you with no questions asked. Many of our Lowie Santas have held very tiny babies, just days old. A total stranger is holding their precious baby, but that stranger is a Lowie Santa.

Our Lowie Santas are part of a wonderful, supportive Lowie Santa Team. Nothing is too much trouble for our Lowie Santa Team to make sure everything runs smoothly. Come and be part of this amazing team of Lowie Santas!

Lowie Stars

At Lowie, we know the importance of recognising great talent and commitment to work and safety.  Over the years we have gathered many Lowie Stars and awarded these individuals for their excellent work and safety awareness.  We remain impartial to this selection and request feedback from our Clients who make recommendations for the monthly draw.  Our Lowie Stars are personally awarded their recognition on site with the team so they can share their proud moment with their community.

We are really excited to be part of JobFest 2018 at ASB Showgrounds, Sam and Tony have done us proud down on our stand talking Careers with the youth of Auckland. What a great and well organised day.