Find a Job the Lowie Way

At Lowie Recruitment, we are bringing the excitement to your job hunting experience.

The Team at Lowie wish you all the best in your job search and are here to assist you at every step.

Your Job Search

Preparation and follow through at every step of the way is a very important ingredient in securing a job.  Empower yourself today with all the critical information and develop the skills required to be successful.  Give yourself time and be patient when working through the process.

Our Find a Job the Lowie Way Guide is a simple and practical approach in which to develop the confidence and professionalism required for this important transition.

Your First Steps

What type of job do you want – take time to consider asking yourself why you are starting a job search and to consider the exact characteristics of the job you want.  You will gain insight into the important aspects of your life.  This process will make it clear to know what type of CV to create and what job type to search.

You may want to separate the important characteristics from the “nice-to-have” characteristics.  The “nice-to-have” will not be deal breakers in securing yourself the job you want.  Understanding these characteristics will allow you to find a job that will give you satisfaction and fulfilment.

Our Lowie First Steps Guide will assist you with all the areas of importance.

Your CV and Cover Letter

Your CV and cover letter provide the opportunity to present yourself to prospective Employers and showcase your qualities.  The aim is for your CV and cover letter to open many doors and be your voice.  Create a CV and cover letter that represents your uniqueness and use a format that suits your style and most of all keep it simple and professional.

Your Lowie Consultant or prospective Employer will scan your CV and cover letter for key words before taking time to look at your CV in detail.  On average, it takes approximately six seconds to scan a CV.

What must your CV and cover letter include to capture the attention and stand out?  Be creative and showcase yourself.

Our Lowie CV and Cover Letter Writing Guide will guide you step by step.

Your Four Step Interview

Every stage of an interview is critical to your success in securing a job.  There are four key steps to having a great experience with your interview:

  • Preparing – planning and preparing and knowing how to present yourself, what to expect and what to take and practising is critical
  • Pre-interview – this is the stage where you will meet with your Lowie Consultant or Human Resources for an initial interview
  • Interview – what the actual interview process is and how to excel in this
  • Post- Interview – what to expect from the feedback and how to be prepared for this.

Our Lowie Interview Guide and Lowie Interview Questions Guide will provide you with vital information to assist you with this critical stage.

Your Job Offer

Congratulations you have been offered the job.  Feel comfortable to express your excitement in a mature way.  At this stage, there are a few more last items to finalise such as, getting the contract signed (make sure you read all the conditions and responsibilities before signing this document), start date, finalising the package on offer and handing in your notice in your current role.

Make any logistical changes to your personal life to make the transition to the new role smooth.  When handing in your notice remain objective so that the experience is manageable and not overly emotional.

Our Lowie Job Offer Guide will provide with guidance on how to deal with all aspects of a job offer.

Your First Day and Beyond

Arrive at least fifteen minutes early on the first day.  If you haven’t done the trip to your workplace before then it is recommended that you practice the journey a few times during peak travel hours in the week leading up to your start date.  You could take time to create a great mindset before you walk into the office at a nearby coffee shop until the time your new Employer asked you to arrive.

Be relaxed and confident on this first day and have a welcoming and approachable manner when you meet the team.  Stay focussed and positive on the task at hand on the first day – everyone has an experience unique to them, but sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming.

Your Lowie Consultant will stay in touch with you and be conducting a review throughout the first three months of your new role.  Share all the great things about the job and any aspects that are still unclear.

Our Lowie Day One and Beyond Guide will provide you with pointers on how to be amazing on your first day and beyond.

Your Wellbeing

Remember that not every job interview will result in a secured job, however, it will give you the exposure to the process and build your confidence in preparation for the perfect job for you.

Finding the right job for you can be a daunting and overwhelming process.  You are as much in control as your Lowie Consultant and prospective Employer.   Remain confident so that the feeling of rejection doesn’t hold you back.  Getting a “No” is a normal part of the process and this will lead to the right job for you.

At Lowie, we are committed to providing all our job seekers with care and respect as do all our customers.  Our objective is to take the challenge out of finding a job.  Lowie aims to provide care and consultation to you through the whole journey so that you can enjoy the experience of securing employment and feel empowered every step of the way.

This service includes guidance, touch points and support through the full life cycle of job searching and even after you have successfully been placed into a job.  We provide you one-on-one assistance and also hold Lowie Creative Thinking Forums.

Our Lowie Creative Thinking Program provides an extraordinary service to provide you with the support you need to be successful.  Register your interest at