“The link between great people and great futures.”

When you partner with Lowie, we become immersed in your team and culture. Lowie incorporates practices and values that have been proven to create successful solutions and talent to your business.

Lowie Safety
Safer Staff Create Safer Workplaces
  • Develop a Safety Culture
  • Minimise Incidents and Increase Productivity
  • Simple and Effective Incident Management

Lowie Safety believe that safety savvy staff create safer workplaces. Following this ethos, we ensure health and safety is at the forefront of every aspect of our business. We pride ourselves on aligning with our Clients on injury prevention strategies and providing the right training and personal protective equipment our Lowie Staff need.

Lowie Safety builds strong partnerships with Clients to ensure transparency and open communication on health and safety as well as working together to achieve a high level of health and safety culture in the workplace. We work together to create a united front to share knowledge across the business.  Lowie Safety maintains consistent exposure to health and safety protocols and policy and integrates with the wider health and safety communities and networks.

We are committed to providing ongoing safety education and awareness to our staff both at the induction phase at our Lowie premises and on assignment at a Client’s business.  This creates a strong foundation of safety awareness and application to our Client’s specific health and safety protocols.

Lowie Safety programs enhance health and safety for the Client, the Lowie staff and Lowie’s business: a win-win for all parties.

Lowie have invested in a dedicated Health and Safety Team which consists of highly skilled and qualified professionals who have a passion for safety. The team works on ensuring our safety procedures and policies are maintained to align with legislation and the constantly evolving industry best practices.

Lowie are proud recipients of the industry recognised ACC WSMP Accreditation.

Lowie Staffing
People are Our Business
  • Strong Partnership for Your Staffing
  • Diverse Savvy Staffing Solutions
  • Expand Your Employer of Choice Brand

Lowie Staffing promises to deliver to your talent specifications through our scalable solutions and our proactive talent acquisition strategies. Our Lowie team of experts and our strategic Lowie partnerships focus on a personalised service to each and every Client and Job Seeker alike.

Our staffing solution embraces all delivery models in contract, temporary and permanent hire covering a large spectrum of industries including; technology, trades, government, office, professional, warehousing, GMP manufacturing, hospitality and Santas during the festive season.

At Lowie, we are committed to evolving as a business.  Our ongoing investment in leading technology, business practices and marketing platforms ensure that we maintain a strong presence both in business and community.  This diversity enables us to attract dynamic and highly skilled Job Seekers to match opportunities in the market.

Our robust Lowie Best Practice philosophies follow strict industry policies and compliance for us to service your staffing needs with confidence.  Our comprehensive suite of skills assessment and social and behavioural analysis tools and techniques, ensures the match for high performers and team fit.  Over the past 45 years we have serviced in excess of 6000 job orders.

At Lowie, we have a strong emphasis on providing a professional and caring service to everyone that touches our business.  Our commitment is to provide this extraordinary service through the full staffing life cycle and beyond.

Lowie Agile
Flexible and Integrated Touch Points
  • Leverage the Strengths of Both our Businesses
  • Scalable Segments to Attract the Best Talent
  • Cost Effective in any Business Climate

Lowie Agile provides a tried and tested, flexible and segmented delivery model for staffing needs within businesses.

Lowie Agile takes the strengths of an inhouse model and increases the outcome by integrating tailored segments into the final talent acquisition process.  Inhouse staffing models and protocols are respected and become a part of the critical process of acquiring, engaging and retaining high performers.

Our Lowie Agile solution is a fully comprehensive suite of delivery options that span across multiple key touch points within the staffing process and beyond.  The key touch points include profiling, acquisition, assessments, preselection, selection and retention for single hires or multiple hires.  Each touch point constitutes several features that add significant value as separate components or when combined.  Skills development, Assessment Centres and Executive hire are fully encompassed within our Lowie Agile model.

The Lowie Agile model includes frequent reporting and reassessment and fine tuning of processes to further increase outcomes.  Our Lowie Agile delivery model has been successfully implemented in numerous business sectors over 45 years of business.

Lowie Perform
Engagement and Performance for Your People
  • Increase Your Profitability
  • Have a Team that is Self-driven
  • Create a Culture of One Purpose and One Vision

Lowie Perform is designed to enhance performance in your people to increase outcomes in your business.  At Lowie, we know that people are your strength in business and the level of engagement of your people is critical to your success.

Re-engagement of your people is a key contributor to improved workplace communication and keeping teams moving forward.  The more motivated your people are, the more engaged they become and self-driven to contribute to the success of your business.  Your investment in developing the interpersonal skills of your people creates committed high performers.  Lowie Perform is aimed to re-ignite the desire and motivation in your people so that they are performing at their personal best.

Lowie Perform offers numerous motivational and performance toolkits tailored to specification for group forums or individual discussions.

Our Lowie Perform Team are highly skilled and qualified professionals who have a passion for excellence in people and teams.   One key presenter for Lowie Perform is Legendary former rugby league coach, Graham Lowe who has learnt a few things about success in teams in his 35+ year career. He has taken his program “12 dynamic principles” to numerous Lowie Clients – Graham Lowe 12 Dynamic Principles.

Lowie Perform is a unique offering committed to a partnership that takes the staffing model beyond talent acquisition to engagement and retention.

Lowie HR
Satisfied Staff for Success in Business
  • Develop a Solid Framework for Your People
  • Encourage a Culture of Contribution and Growth
  • Partnered Transitions for Your Business

Lowie HR brings complementary, impartial and cost effective human resources solutions to your door.  Lowie HR is a strategic partner and a contributor at your executive table to provide sound recommendations for policy and business solutions.  Lowie HR provides direction and partnership to empower your people to impact your business in positive and measurable ways to be productive to fulfil on your business objectives.

Our Lowie HR model includes a diverse range of services moving the task force forward by; creating the desired company culture, being an employee advocate and managing career progression and compensation. Through times of transition and change, Lowie HR extend our services into management of employee conflict to resolution and outplacement services.  Professionalism and care being paramount in all areas of this service.

Lowie HR provides one key link between the human resource function within your strategic objectives of the organisation for a more satisfying and successful work environment.

Our Lowie HR complements and integrates your business capabilities to provide you a sustainable HR solution.

Lowie Bespoke
Fine Tune and Deliver to Your Specifications
  • Expertise Delivering to Key Measures
  • Partnership at its Best for One Outcome
  • Flexibility with a Robust Framework

Lowie Bespoke solutions integrate with your business to provide experts in administration and day to day management for your staffing needs allowing you the opportunity to accelerate in your areas of speciality.

Lowie Bespoke creates scalable solutions in partnership with you to maximise processes and outcomes and minimise risks for your staffing requirements.  Our Lowie Bespoke Team follow Lowie Best Practice philosophies to build strong vendor management partnerships that strengthen your company’s overall performance in the marketplace.

Our Lowie Bespoke Team closely manage all agreements with full responsibly for all agreed performance indicators and reporting.  Lowie Bespoke fine-tune the solution to ensure win-win for all parties.  The Lowie Bespoke solution can encompass all Lowie delivery models and strategies for flexible or end to end 360 staffing, safety, performance improvement and human resources.

At Lowie, we extend our commitment in technology to you and provide direct access for immediate assessment and reporting on progress with your staffing specifications.

Lowie Bespoke creates a partnership with lasting benefits to your business and can differentiate your business in the marketplace where all deliverables are measurable and assess the value to your business with ease.

Our Lowie Bespoke solutions have been successfully implemented in numerous business sectors over 45 years of business.

Lowie Community
Caring for the Wider Community
  • Our Partnership is Far Reaching
  • Creating a Vision for the Future
  • Empowering Our Young People

At Lowie, we have a strong emphasis on providing a professional and caring service to everyone that touches our business. Lowie have extended this caring philosophy beyond our Clients and Job Seekers to the wider community.

We are committed to caring for our community and empowering individuals to be job ready and to excel in the workplace. The Lowie Foundation is an independent New Zealand charity devoted to changing young people’s lives, using both sport and education as a vehicle.
Lowie Foundation founder and renowned rugby league coach, Graham Lowe, has for a long time felt that there was a need to help young people in the North who are passionate about sport and want to fulfil their sporting dreams. At the same time, he wanted to give these young people a chance to continue or get back into education.
This is a high-performance sports programme that is wrapped around educational study at NorthTec.

Lowie are passionate supporters of this incredible initiative and see that the Lowie Foundation is very closely aligned with Lowie’s mission – Great People Great Futures.